I may not tell you this every day, or every week or regulary, and you might don’t know that but i really love you so much, you should know that, you’re such an important person to me. Sometimes I am being mean to you, even when i don’t mean it, i can hurt you by something i don’t even notice, if i ever did hurt you somehow or will do that accidentally i am sorry for that, Fatima, i have my bad days and bad moods so i just came to let you know that you’re important to me and i love you so much. I wanted to write this because i miss you like hell lately. I hope your christmas was/ is great, so magical and woderful and you got what you wished for. :) Sorry for being such terrible friend when you’re the only one here being that close to me and nice and sweet like sugar & Merry Christmas once again..

i love you so much ♥ :c